Our Singers


Gillian Brinston-Kurschat
Carole Kube
Sara Brooks
Annette Martens
Sarah Schaub


Jane Berry
Sable Chan
Erin Craig
Kimberley Denis
Mireille Rijavec
Adrienne Sitko


Russell Ault
Brett Ludwig
Oliver Munar
Caleb Nelson
Nathan Willis


Kyle Carter
Rob Curtis
Michael Kurschat
Peter Malcolm
David McCune
Simon Noster



Next Appearances

Jun 1 2017 - 7:30pm
An Edmonton International Choral Festival Concert An exploration of childhood as experienced in... more

"Enriching the lives of all who hear its voice"

Pure, floating voices and impeccable intonation in the performance of choral music from the Early Renaissance to exciting 21st-century premieres — brought to you by Pro Coro Canada, one of Canada's best professional chamber choirs.

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